Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour Packages from the Louisville Bourbon Inn

Book the Ultimate Bourbon Trail Tour Adventure With Our
All-Day, All-Inclusive Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour Package

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Get Ready for a Day of History, Bourbon, Horses and Fun!

Tell us where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do on your Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour, and we will handle all the details. While you’re thinking about the rich history and flavors of Kentucky bourbon and its many distilleries, we will be working with our official Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour partner to arrange an all-inclusive, full day of history, bourbon, horses, and fun that’s custom designed for you.

Most tour companies give you a menu of the distilleries they visit each day of the week, and you select the day that best captures where you want to visit. We go one step further to create a truly personalized and customized all-day, all-inclusive Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour package. We include admission to the bourbon distilleries you tell us you want to visit (subject to availability); tickets to the group tours and tastings at the distilleries; admission to the horse farm (if selected); breakfast, lunch and dinner; and transportation all day with your own private driver/guide. We even let you add some variety and visit a horse farm instead of a third distillery if that’s your preference.

This personalized all-day, all-inclusive Bourbon Trail Tour package is unique to the Louisville Bourbon Inn and is only available to our bed and breakfast overnight guests. It’s our contribution to your stress-free stay where all you have to do is show up!

See and Experience 240 Years of Bourbon-Making Traditions

Explore the rich tradition and proud history of America’s Official Native Spirit — Bourbon! Book the room of your choice for a two-night stay at the Louisville Bourbon Inn and spend one full day on a guided Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour. You will be picked up at the Inn in the morning and spend about eight hours touring two different bourbon distilleries and having a bourbon tasting at a third distillery. It’s a fun way to learn more about Kentucky’s bourbon history, an opportunity to sample many different kinds of bourbons, and a chance to take home a bottle of bourbon that isn’t sold anywhere other than Kentucky.

If you already know which distilleries you want to visit, you can provide that information when you book your reservation. Potential visits include many of the larger distilleries such as Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace (tasting only), Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Castle & Hill, Bulleit Stitzel-Weller, Angel’s Envy, Old Forester and Barton 1792; and several smaller craft distilleries such as Kentucky Artisan, Kentucky Peerless, Jeptha Creed and Boundary Oak. We work with our official Kentucky Bourbon Trail vacation partner to create an individual itinerary for you based on availability and event schedules at the different distilleries.

Woodford Reserve Distillery
Jim Beam Distillery

A Personalized Itinerary for Your Bourbon Trail Tour

Your private driver/guide picks you up at the Inn in the morning and takes you to the first distillery for a group tour and group tasting. Then we treat you to an excellent lunch at a place only the locals know about. After lunch, you visit a second distillery for a group tour and group tasting, followed by another group tasting at a third distillery or a visit to a horse farm, depending on the package you choose. Then your tour guide brings you back to the Inn and we hand you a dinner reservation and a $100 gift card to pay for the meal. After dinner, you can soak in the tub, play games in the Bourbon Room library, or get into one of the most comfortable beds you’ve ever slept in. It’s a stress-free day of history, bourbon, horses, and fun, and it’s only available to Louisville Bourbon Inn bed and breakfast overnight guests.

The add-on price for a couple is $900 plus tax. Each additional person is $450 plus tax. This all-day, all-inclusive package includes transportation with a private driver/guide, transportation, distillery tours and tastings admission tickets, and three meals (tour guide gratuities and alcohol and gratuities at dinner are not included). Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the ultimate Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour adventure. Just add the package to your reservation when you book your suite for two nights.

Exciting Options to Personalize Your Bourbon Trail Tour Experience!

Kentucky is known for a few things other than bourbon, but we’re not suggesting that you eat Kentucky Fried Chicken while sipping whiskey. But, if you like Kentucky thoroughbred horses and you want to add variety to your Bourbon Trail Tour Package, now you can make a trade. Instead of visiting three distilleries on your all-day Bourbon Trail tour, you can visit two distilleries and a horse farm. It’s a great way to learn even more about Kentucky’s equestrian history. When you make your room reservation, choose the Bourbon Trail Tour Package with the Horse Farm. Due to the higher price of the horse farm tickets, adding the Horse Farm tour will cost $30 extra. So it’s $930 per couple (an additional person is $465). Let us know if there are other attractions you would like to add to a custom Bourbon Trail Tour package and maybe we can include those in the future.

Kentucky Horse Farm
Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Louisville Urban Bourbon Trail

The Urban Bourbon Trail is a collection of Louisville bars and restaurants that contribute to the city’s urban bourbon experience. You can download an Urban Bourbon Passport that leads you to each location. Every bar and restaurant in the passport has at least 60 different varieties of bourbon on the bar with staff who are trained to explain the differences and answer your questions. You can purchase bourbon flights at each location, and your passport gives you a discount on food or liquor at many of the establishments on the Urban Bourbon Trail.

Discover Louisville’s Historic Bourbon District

Once known as the “Wall Street of Whiskey,” Louisville has a long history of business related to whiskey and bourbon ever since Evan Williams came to town around 1780. Only five minutes from the Inn, you will find the Louisville Bourbon District with six distilleries: the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, Old Forester Distilling Co, Angel’s Envy Distillery, Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co., Michster’s Distillery, and Rabbit Hole Distillery. Each distillery on the trail is only a five minute walk from the previous distillery. There are also a couple of great places to snap photos, including a statue of the bartender who created the city’s signature drink, the Old Fashioned.

Louisville Bourbon District