Bourbon Flights and Bourbon by the Bottle



Your Bourbon Flight is About to depart!

If you want to put yourself in a “bourbon mood” when you arrive, or anytime before or after your Bourbon Trail Tour, you can now order flights of bourbon. Each flight consists of three shots of bourbon, and our selection of bourbons changes throughout the year. The current flights we offer are shown below.  You will see this option when you book your reservation.

We also have bourbon by the bottle available for purchase. We feature different bourbons throughout the year, and you will discover our currently-featured brand when you check into your suite.

Flight of Bourbon

Bourbon Flights

Pre-order your bourbon flight and it will be ready when you arrive! Just tell us when and where you want to enjoy your bourbon, and we’ll take care of the rest. Some of our guests like to sip their bourbon flight while they check in, Others prefer to enjoy their flight of bourbon privately in their suite.  Couples or groups travelling together often decide to taste their bourbon flights together in the Bourbon Room Library.

We offer three different flights (see below) that change periodically throughout the year.

#1. Party Flight ($20)

Party Flight Logos

If you’re new to bourbon or partial to the most well-known bourbon brand names, you can order this Party Flight of Bourbon. We will select your three shots from the following brands, based on availability: Angel’s Envy, Evan Williams, Four Roses, Makers Mark, Old Bardstown, Old Grandad and Rabbit Hole. 

#2. Featured Flight ($22)

Huling Station

Our current special featured flight includes three different bourbons from the same distillery: Huling Station. Bottled at 100 proof, Huling Station Straight Bourbon has been around since it was founded in Memphis in 1866. It’s made from a high-rye mash bill, which is characteristic of spirits distilled by its creator, Domenico Canale. We think you’ll really enjoy this Hulinbg Station flight!

#3. Adventurous Flight ($24)

Monks Road

For the more adventurous, we offer a flight from Monk’s Road. It includes Monk’s Road Fifth District Bourbon, followed by Monk’s Road Wheated Bourbon Small Batch 94 Proof, and finally Monk’s Road Bourbon Barrell-finished Gin (Gin aged in a bourbon barrel)! It’s all the rage!

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