Gathering / Hang-Out Spaces

Comfortable and Inviting Spaces for our Guests

What’s the use of staying in a mansion if you can’t take advantage of its tremendous size? The Bourbon Inn is like no other bed and breakfast in Louisville. The size of our home provides gathering spaces where you can hang out with friends and family, play a game or simply watch TV. Unlike traditional Victorian furniture that favors looks over comfort, our modern Victorian décor blends the two eras with period art and other pieces complemented by big, cushy, comfortable couches and chairs that you want to sit in. These spaces are available just about everywhere, from the ground floor of the mansion and carriage house to the second-floor Bourbon Room library, to the outdoor porch and patio area.

Bourbon Room

The Bourbon Room is the hang-out space that most of our guests visit at least once during their stay. It’s bright and sunny with large windows and great views. In addition to the comfortable furnishings, the Bourbon Room has games available for you to play and a large, 55-inch flat screen television for small groups who want to watch a television program or a sports event together. And true to its name, it’s a great place to sip bourbon!


Carriage House

The Carriage House’s equivalent to the mansion’s Bourbon Room is its wonderful great room on the first floor. It has couches, chairs, a table, bar and a large flat-screen television. If you’re coming to the Louisville Bourbon Inn with a group of six, you might consider reserving the three suites in the Carriage House and having the entire Carriage House for your group.

Mansion First-Floor Living Space

Whether you’re just waiting to meet someone for dinner or you want to curl up with a good book, the spacious rooms on the first floor of the mansion provide plenty of space for you to do whatever. The living room has oversized comfortable furniture, and the dining room is where we host breakfast each morning. Next to the dining room is a parlor that has free coffee, snacks and candy available 24×7, self-served. There is also a powder room in the alcove under the enormous staircase.

Outdoor Spaces

When the weather is nice, we like to gather outdoors instead of indoors and we suspect you might like to do the same. So we extended our comfortable spaces to the outside with a covered patio and courtyard. Grab some to-go food and eat an informal lunch on the porch or enjoy an after-dinner bourbon and listen to music to wind down your day.

Courtyard area between the Mansion and Carriage House
Partial view of the porch deck for relaxing and sipping bourbon outside.