How to Get a Certificate of Marriage from the Commonwealth of Kentucky

How to Get a Marriage License in Kentucky

You must apply for and obtain a valid marriage license from the Commonwealth of Kentucky and provide it to our wedding officiant. We cannot get this for you. If you don’t have a valid marriage license, you can have a ceremony, but you won’t be married. Here’s how you get a marriage license in Kentucky.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • There is no blood test required, but you cannot marry a first cousin or anyone closer in kin than a second cousin.
  • You must fill out an application for a Kentucky marriage license in person, together at the same time, with your finance in front of a county clerk in any Kentucky county. It does not have to be the same county where you intend to get married.
  • You do not need an appointment; walk-ins are accepted.
  • You must pay a $50 application fee with cash, check, money order, or credit card.
  • The county clerk will issue your license after you submit the application and fee.

Once you have your license, please be aware:

  • Kentucky does not have a waiting period. You can get married immediately in any Kentucky county.
  • Your marriage license expires in 30 days. If you haven’t gotten married by then, you must start the process over again with a new application.
  • In addition to the signature of the wedding officiant, the Commonwealth of Kentucky requires signatures from two witnesses to the marriage. The wedding planner and innkeeper can serve as your two witnesses if you don’t plan on having any guests.
  • After the ceremony, our wedding officiant will complete the license on your behalf and send it to the county clerk to be filed. One or both of you must visit a county clerk in person and pay a $5 fee to obtain a certified copy of your license. Or, you can mail a request to the address below.  Be sure to include both names, maiden name(s), the date of the marriage, your return address, and a $6 fee (check or money order).

The Louisville Bourbon Inn is located in Jefferson County. You can obtain your license by visiting the Jefferson County Clerk’s office at:

Jefferson County Clerk
Professional License Department
Louisville Metro Hall
527 W. Jefferson St.
Room 100A
Louisville, KY 40202

If you have questions about a marriage license, you can call 502-574-5884 or visit the FAQ on their website.