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If you Like Victorian, you will Love Old Louisville

The Louisville Bourbon Inn bed and breakfast is located in the center of Old Louisville, a neighborhood of about 48 city blocks. Old Louisville is the largest historic preservation district that features almost exclusively Victorian architecture, with most of the homes constructed with brick. Old Louisville also has more homes with stained glass windows than any other neighborhood in the United States! However, some people claim that these Victorian mansions are home to spirits and ghosts that continue to inhabit the houses. You might hear Old Louisville referred to as “America’s Most Haunted Neighborhood.”

You can explore Old Louisville at your leisure and create a self-guided tour by walking around the neighborhood. If you would like to learn more about specific homes and architectural styles, or about their ghosts and spirits, add an Architectural Guided Tour Package or a Ghost Tour Package to your itinerary. Both packages include  dinner for two and are described in more detail below.

Historic Louisville Tour

Add this guided tour of Old Louisville to your itinerary when you book a stay in one of our elegant and comfortable suites. We will provide you with two tickets to Louisville Historic Tour’s guided tour of Old Louisville. When you return to the Louisville Bourbon Inn, you can share your knowledge about Romanesque Revival (the architectural style of the Inn). We also provide two tickets to the Conrad Caldwell Historic House Museum where you can hear about the history of the mansion from a tour guide who is a descendent of the original owners. And since all that knowledge will probably make you hungry, we also provide dinner for two at Buck’s Fine Dining restaurant. Best of all, everything is within walking distance of the Bed and Breakfast!

Add-On Price: $225 (plus tax; Subject to Availability)

Old Louisville
Ghost Tour

Louisville Ghost Tour

For an exciting and interesting time, add the Louisville Ghost Tour to your reservation when you book the suite of your choice for two nights. You will receive two tickets to Louisville Historic Tours “America’s Most Haunted Neighborhood”, a guided tour of Old Louisville, the “most haunted Victorian District in America.” You will also be treated to dinner for two at Buck’s Fine Dining restaurant. And we’ll throw in a copy of David Dominie’s Best Seller, “Ghosts of Old Louisville”. It’s a haunting good time!

Add-on price: $225 (plus tax; subject to availability)

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