Bourbon Fun

Bourbon Trivia, a Coloring Book and More!

We know that you know that Bourbon is all about having fun! If you’re in the bourbon mood in anticipation of an upcoming trip to the Louisville Bourbon Inn, or you’re just back home from your stay at the Bed and Breakfast, or you are reminiscing about your Bourbon Trail Tour, we have some bourbon activities to help you get into bourbon mode. When you’re done with the activity, post your results to Facebook or Twitter and share your love of bourbon and bourbon expertise with your friends and family!

Test Your Bourbon IQ

Complete this short five-question quiz to test your Bourbon IQ. Then upload the results to Facebook or Twitter and show off your knowledge!


Congratulations! Let’s have a toast to your vast bourbon knowledge!

Darn! Have another bourbon and maybe the knowledge will start to sink in a little more.

#1. Thomas Jefferson is partially responsible for creating bourbon.

Ironically, Thomas Jefferson didn’t like whiskey or hard alcohol. He did, however, give 60 acres of land to Kentucky farmers with the instruction for them to grow “native crops.” As a nod to the French who helped out during the American Revolution, he called the area of land “Bourbon County.” The rest is history.

#2. Which of the following CANNOT be called Straight Bourbon?

A blend of straight bourbons made in different states cannot be called Straight Bourbon. That blend is technically a “blend of straight bourbons,” which is a different classification because it permits the addition of up to 2.5% in coloring, flavoring or blending materials.

A blend of straight bourbons from the same state can be labeled Straight Bourbon.

If a bourbon is aged at least two years, it can be called Straight Bourbon.

#3. How many times is a bourbon barrel used to make bourbon?

Bourbon must be aged in a charred, new-oak barrel, and each barrel can only be used once. Many of the barrels are used to age scotch when they have completed their bourbon duty.

#4. Why was the Mint Julep cocktail created?

In the early bourbon days, there was good-tasting bourbon and not-so-good or even bad-tasting bourbon (the same was true of whiskey). If you got bad-tasting bourbon, one bartender figured out that sugar water and mint were a great way to hide the taste. And the Mint Julep was born!

#5. If you're drinking "Straight Bourbon," you know it's been aged at least how many years?

If bourbon is aged less than four years, the age must be stated on the label. When bourbon has been aged for a minimum of two years, it can be called straight bourbon. If the bourbon is aged for four years or more, the age does not have to be put on the label.

Download a Bourbon Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage today! Now you can participate in this trendy activity with “Color Me Bourbon,” a Bourbon-themed adult coloring book courtesy of the Louisville Bourbon Inn. All you need are some colored pencils or crayons to color the six bourbon-related images in the coloring book. When you’ve finished one, upload it to your favorite social media site and share your coloring ability with friends and family!

Download a Themed Crossword Puzzle

Our crossword puzzle might not make the New York Times, but we hope it will give you a few minutes of entertainment! So get out that Number 2 pencil, pour yourself a glass of bourbon, and publish the results to social media (don’t forget to tag us when you do!).

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