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Bourbon Trivia, a Coloring Book and More!

We know that you know that Bourbon is all about having fun! If you’re in the bourbon mood in anticipation of an upcoming trip to the Louisville Bourbon Inn, or you’re just back home from your stay at the Bed and Breakfast, or you are reminiscing about your Bourbon Trail Tour, we have some bourbon activities to help you get into bourbon mode. When you’re done with the activity, post your results to Facebook or Twitter and share your love of bourbon and bourbon expertise with your friends and family!

Test Your Bourbon IQ

Complete this short five-question quiz to test your Bourbon IQ. Then upload the results to Facebook or Twitter and show off your knowledge!


Congratulations! Let’s have a toast to your vast bourbon knowledge!

Darn! Have another bourbon and maybe the knowledge will start to sink in a little more.

#1. An Act of Congress made bourbon the only spirit the United States claims as its own.

On May 4, 1964, the United States Congress passed a resolution that established bourbon as unique to the United States and unlike any other foreign or domestic alcoholic drink.

#2. All bourbon is made in Kentucky.

All bourbon must be made in the United States, or it’s not bourbon. However, there’s no requirement that all bourbon must be made in Kentucky. Nevertheless, about 95 percent of all bourbon comes from about 70 distilleries in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

#3. There are enough barrels of bourbon in Kentucky to give every resident how many barrel(s)?

Kentucky has about 4.3 million residents and almost twice as many barrels of bourbon. That about enough barrels of bourbon to give every resident two of them! Does that make you want to move to Kentucky?

#4. Bourbon might be named for the street in New Orleans.

According to Louisville, Kentucky historian Michael Veach, in the early 1800s, the Tarascon brothers came to Louisville, from Cognac, France and began to distill whiskey. To mimic the flavor of French cognac, they aged the whiskey in charred barrels. They sold their whiskey down the river in New Orleans and the people in New Orleans liked it so much, they started asking for the “special-flavored whiskey sold on Bourbon Street,” which became “bourbon whiskey” and then just “bourbon.”

#5. When you buy a bottle of bourbon, what percentage of the price is tax that goes to the government?

In addition to the roughly 60 percent tax on a bottle of bourbon, Kentucky distilleries pay more than $14 million each year in property taxes to store their bourbon barrels.

Download a Bourbon Coloring Book
Adult coloring books are all the rage today! Now you can participate in this trendy activity with “Color Me Bourbon,” a Bourbon-themed adult coloring book courtesy of the Louisville Bourbon Inn. All you need are some colored pencils or crayons to color the six bourbon-related images in the coloring book. When you’ve finished one, upload it to your favorite social media site and share your coloring ability with friends and family!

Download a Bourbon Word Search Puzzle
Get out your magnifying glass! We have hidden 37 bourbon-themed words inside a puzzle and your job is to locate and circle them. Beware that words might be backwards or appear as a diagonal on your puzzle sheet. Share your results on social media and be sure to tag the Louisville Bourbon Inn when you post!

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